Need Help Finding Products?

You can search for products by using any of the following methods.

Search by product item number: You can type the product number into the general search box to find a product. The product number is usually the last 5 digits on the product's UPC code (barcode.) For NOW products, the item number is 4 digits and is printed near the UPC. It will say “Code,” followed by the 4 digits. If you have our catalogs you can search by the item numbers listed on the left of every product name.

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Search by brand: Using our menu of brands, you can click on your desired brand/company and all of the items we carry by that brand will display on the page.

Search by category: Using our menu of categories, you can find products matching your desired description/category. Category examples include CoQ10, enzymes, multi-vitamins, Vitamin C, etc. There will be a various brands displayed using this option.

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